The UK’s top wealth manager and legal 500 lawyer has lost, stole or spent £11000 odd pounds from a deceased bank accounts and is utterly clueless where it can be?

Yep this top wealth manager really knows how to do a great job but its probably in gardening where he will have lots of time on his hands soon.

In creditable as it may seem to anyone following this probate estate nightmare from hell the countries top probate solicitor and wealth manager has lost £11,000 and countless stocks and shares from the deceased estate of Mrs Mavis Banks of 32 Hoole Road Chester where the first removed executer Mr P Bartlett claimed in 2015 after funeral expenses were made out stated on official tax forms there was several bank accounts totalling over £61,000.

When super doper James Beresford took on the work as a North west Law society hotshot he lost £11,000 and reported it to no-one!

Moreover in March 2021 JB went to the probate office told a pack of porkies then went to HMRC and claimed monies held in the bank accounts of the deceased only totalled £50,880 has BLM Law Directors got no-shame!

He then submitted a legal bundle before he was forced to a judge led undertaken to sell the estate for more than £300,000 more that he tried to sell it at, shows this boy is a master of delusion or as some say price fixing?

SAR was released this year from SDL Auctions that confirmed his office along with senior STEP member Miss Charlotte Pritchard stated to SDL they were going to by pass the court and instructed them to sell a 1m pound property for just 450k but they refused and try and sell it for 500k when their original value was 570k a few months earlier.

They have since withdrawn the property from sale but stated there was a bidder at 500k so proving JB was either price fixing or simple legally incompetent as was everyone else at BLM!

The truth is he and BLM Law knows how bad he is they made him a client of his own firm where he’s a FULL  partner! Why would they even do that?

All this is in Black and White for all to see no mysteries just lots of money missing including insurance coverage for the probate he’s running he failed to release that huge corker in the legal bundle also.

For a top ranked wealth manager and BLM Law allowing such behaviour taking place they have no doubt damaged the estate’s footprint so much the damages against them in our humble Scottish opinion must be really starting to stack up that their indemnity insurance should really be given much better advice on multiple claims coming their way.

Any wealth managers role is about protecting the said estate for future siblings not running it in to the ground while trying to run up huge legal bills is quite frankly immoral and although Bartlett’s has also done many bad acts at least their firm stated the 11k was there when they were the executers so what is their excuse these 2 hapless senior STEP members have to say about it?

Usually, it’s nothing to do with us gov!

One thing is for sure if any budding solicitor is reading this and wants to become a senior member of BOTH STEP and a LEGAL 500, its looking good for you guys as it is obviously not that difficult to become a member of either organisation after all!