Greater Manchester Police can’t see legal fraud yet but they will soon even RIC’S has confirmed it but there’s also a link to a police detective from that area that gains from the said estate, the plot thickens.

You are about to read and learn how everyone with a responsibility to investigate legal fraud are to busy going back to their past lives as ostrich’s and digging their heads in the sands and proclaiming “nothing to do with us gov, its a civil matter only.”

So here we have the case of a chartered Surveyor that was once based in Preston firm and being asked by one of the countries top law firms, Mr James Beresford of BLM Law to do a valuation for 32 Hoole Road Chester that is 65 miles away from his Preston base of Charles Parker Bennett and when they were contacted was totally unaware of his then instructions on the 23rd October 2020.

We know his full name (A. L) and it has been reported to RICS who has informed the local Chester RICS office and they in turn was shocked to learn that a general valuation was over 3 times lees than the land it sits on alone and said this was LEGAL FRAUD and we had to inform the police which we have done so already and they state its a civil matter, not very professional is it?

Now its also the case that poor James Beresford and the past first removed executer all wanted it to be valued between 400k to 450k in fact we have it in writing Beresford told the probate office the said estate was only worth a total of 525k that was 450k for property (worth over 1.3m pounds a year ago 50k held in bank accounts (really it was 61k) and loads of stock shares still not disclosed? (SEVERAL TIMES THE PROBATE OFFICE KICKED BACK THE LETTERS OF ADMIN).  Now we think we know why bet our readers do as well now?

Dr Mark Jones went back to the Liverpool court last Monday and the judge ordered Beresford it was NOT to sell for less than £750,000 that’s 132% less than the stupid valuation he gave.  Which the top UK wealth manager (BERESFORD) in the land never noticed WAS SO LOW, or did he?

Now the big question must be how not 1 but 2 masters of estate probate law in the UK got it so wrong or the much EASIER to explain explanation was to ROB from the estate to the tune of over half a million pounds is it any wonder the Police would rather it be a civil matter?

Lets put this into some form of perspective so we can all understand its legal fraud pitfalls, not only has Dr Jones not received any apologies from Bartlett’s of Liverpool/Chester or the supreme wonder lawyers at BLM law but according to the supreme court is a whopping 117% outside the permitted legal fraud margin of error! 

So this was NOT an basic legal error it was a deliberate act of folly to defraud an estate of substantial monies to what end other than perhaps legal greed we don’t know and its not our jobs to do correct Police Detective work.

So it seems if your joe public its definitely one rule for us and for an officer of the court PLEASE YOURSELVES, WE SHALL LOOK AWAY!

Dementia fraud was to us nothing but a buzz word that said there was nothing in it now we have worked on many cases its the largest legal scandal in the world that has the potential of killing communities and governments alike and desperately needs reform or they are part of the problem either way more and more is discovering loved ones were lost far to early to save money and for the lawyers to fill their pockets from ill gained proceeds.

The safest way to live a long happy life is being POOR and not owning a LARGE estate! 

Next story coming soon entitled, Lawyers tells porkies to HMRC???

Squeaky bum time!

They don’t practice what they preach but it sounds good!

Report fraud, bribery or corruption | Greater Manchester Police (

We tried and they said its a civil matter seems its always a civil matter when its not one of their own or a few of their own allegedly evolved in the above.