The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors wont practice what it preaches on fraud, bribery and other criminal activities.

Of course they say all matters of concern will be dealt with within 4 days they cant even answer concerns within 4 months and its not like a hard job or even complicated!

32 Hoole Road Chester was valued by a Preston firm on the 23rd of October 2020 7 days later the person instructing it was no other than poor Mr James Beresford the super doper BLM Law, legal 500 and senior STEP Northwest member and given a valuation of £345,000 for a 12 bedroom 10 bathrooms property and car park for 10 cars and at the time Beresford said thank you sirs no questions asked!

Just before the 9th of August poor JB entered a legal bundle with the said valuation without who instructed the survey and the person who did it for Charles Parker Bennett and Mr A. L.

International Scotland Contacted CHB in Preston first they claimed none of their work was in Chester as it was out side their working area yes 60 miles outside their area (they are having a laugh) then they claimed the log book did not record the job and the surveyor doing the valuation left right after submitting the valuation to go and worth for the local police service in Preston.

We have reported on this case already so roll on today and we win the lottery in form of a gift from god almighty himself at 28 Hoole road, Chester the greatest property agents in the land have placed a property with only 5 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and 3 reception rooms with half the property footprint of the valued 345k at 740k how on earth did James Beresford, BLM and Bartlett’s of Chester think they most that property at 32 Hoole Road could only be worth 450k at most shows a massive price fixing scandal?

Yesterday Beresford entered another legal bundle this time showing the surveyors report with a real surveyors signature on it so why did they not do it in the first place with the first legal bundle, thats easy they never was expected to release who in CPB actually done the valuation or they were covering up other crimes?

Poor JB now says they never used the said valuation because it was far to low yet there’s no evidence they even questioned it at the time classic price fixing in action.

There’s so much more to report on but the way surveyors do there reports there’s not a chance in hell this surveyor from CPB in Preston managed a world record of 300% under valuation and RICS does not do a thing (so far) where this leaves poor JB Charlotte Pritchard, BLM Compliance and the Liverpool Judge only time will tell but its not looking good as BLM claims they are the top probate firm in the land, really?

It is obvious this is a massive gravy train of corruption where all the players are onboard to rob little old ladies first they undervalue the estate pay just over making the lawyers and estate agents look fantastic and a few months later flip the property a few months later for massive profits as we think happened at 42 Hoole RD Chester.