Mr. P. Bartlett of Bartlett’s Solicitors of Chester and parent company at Bartlett’s of Liverpool was sent packing by a London insolvency Judge today and opens a can of worms for poor James Beresford and BLM Law with Bartlett revealing legal collusion between the parties.

He claimed in this open and public hearing that the two law firms that oversaw the probate case of the late Mavis Banks racked up so many legal bills between them there was no change for any of the estates beneficiaries even after £750,000 house sale how can that even be possible?

Now we know why successive courts has failed in their normal duty of care to release the full HMRC tax file for scrutiny that ever  beneficiaries is entitled to see at the time when probate lawyers ask for the letters of administration.

There is no hiding places left for Bartlett’s and BLM Law going forward the latest twist in an already corrupt as hell probate case is the fact James Beresford got shot of a trashed guest house contents when he controlled the property and gave the goods to Hygiene pro of Stockport after he found out a loss adjuster was going to view the damaged property under his watch and now we learn they have lost everything and refusing to even confirm they were involved in anything to do with 32 Hoole Road Chester.

These are the worst Probate lawyers from hell: What is STEP doing about them?

In a FOI released by BLM Bartlett said to James I have started a bankruptcies petition that am going to win but its OK I am not trying to hurt him just SHUT HIM UP!!! And James Beresford and BLM Law tells no-one NOT even the SRA? Dr Jones is also disabled and they have known that for years!

There was very bad news for the soon to be retired P. Bartlett thee London Royal Court awarded what could end up being substantial costs awarded against Bartlett’s of Chester.

How many times has Bartlett of Chester or any other Bartlett offices in the entire northwest been taken to court on a bankruptcies petition because today he’s claimed they have never ever done it before which off course seems very strange as its a massive earner for any legal firm but in the eyes of a court could be construed as prudery!

This gets even weirder  People at BARTLETTS SOLICITORS LIMITED – The Law Society is not very strange he never asked his own brother or even his son for advice or did they like the head of Jolliffes solicitors that dropped the case just days earlier tell him DONT DO IT, ITS A BAD IDEA?

We are asking anyone that knows of any other cases to get in touch with us on any of the above points to

Got to say though the lady judge in London today was a legal breath of fresh air compared the the wild, wild west of the northwest court system.

What was even more striking was thee fact Dr Jones represented himself is not a legal expert and it proves justice for the layman is still possible in the royal courts of justice pity the Liverpool court is miles and years behind the times.