Arbroath Angus Community Facebook page the Red Lechites Worldwide is about to go global with a new team of admin members propelling this already famous Facebook page into the stratosphere.

RED LICHITIES WORLDWIDE already has 11,200 members that loves to share one of the best collections of pictures and photographs that Angus area of Scotland can muster.

Engagement from its local, national and international membership is already superb but with the addition of a number of members already on the Facebook admin teams and SEO experts the page is going to explode into something much more larger.

This community based page already attracts wide interest from its local residents, national and international participants plus tourists to Arbroath, Angus, Scotland in general.

Its also a great place to start if you love Scottish history or if your just interested in local historical aspects of local Arbroath or Angus knowledge!

With the rise and fame of the local football team Arbroath FC who might just get into the Scottish Premier League interest in this area cab become explosive.

The pages admin team is one of the finest on Facebook in the UK if not Europe and is testimony to its great success and long-levity and the changes been thought about for the future may make it one of the largest community Facebook pages in Scotland.

In the meantime this thread has been created to generate interest to those of you that never knew this kind of page even existed to start with.

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Please use this live link below and join the private page of the place and resources for all things Arbroath and the local area of Angus in Scotland?

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