We were contacted about Micksgarage.com order tracking and deliveries that was causing our readers real problems so one of our authors placed an order on the 28th to put them to the test.

So put this as fair as possible to the trader we are going to give the real order transaction number so if it turns out to be as bad as some think it is then there will no hiding place.

We were informed that orders of apparently in-stock items were taking up to 4 weeks to be delivered despite paying extra for a 2-3 day delivery.

So as it happens one of our authors of the site (trumpy) required new BMW E93 car mats item number 1586853 was on the 28th available after 1 day delivery but is NOW showing 14th April despatch???



One has to ask themselves why one would pay extra for tracked deliveries if goods are going to take 16 days to 20 days to arrive also note what it says regarding stock levels IN STOCK.

Yet again yet another company abusing its customers using the tried and tested idea of gaining multiple orders to then drive down the prices of its contractual prices more we order more discount we get more profit we make!

ALSO NOTE what they say about this

  • Special Buy: This is a limited edition offer, max 1 item per order and cannot be purchased with other items!
  • This means micks garage gets 2 delivery charges instead of one!

Its clear this online retailer is acting against the consumers best interests and on the face of it can’t be trusted and if this is not true we invite them to respond to this article and explain why you invoiced for this item along with 2 other items one delivery charge to order number Order ID: 2227134 and stated at the time of the order it was a 1 day delivery and now 17 days later and zero email notifications that there will be a delay and have already taken payment from PayPal without any goods being in actual stock?

It seems our readers have cause to at least raise a concern and its our job to point out we will be contacting PayPal to make an official payment without goods complaint!

UPDATE 06-04-2022 Micksgarage claimed they lost my order and gave full PayPal refund, all in all not a fantastic online shopping experience but you may NOT! Bought same replacements from Amazon saved £8 and got goods next day oh well!