National Emergency looming over fuel prices as increasing prices almost daily pushes more and more of us into fuel poverty.

We are a nation rich in oil and gas yet we are being pushed along by countries that has none and its is they that are helping push up the international oil and gas commodity prices.

In Scotland in the first Indy vote we were told Scotland had future in counting on future commodity prices saving the day.

This was utter tosh but it was enough to scare some Scots in to voting to keep the union whole, this is simply now not true and another vote would give a different result entirely and everyone now knows it.

On the bright side no-more Boris and the nasty party to worry about where the sick and disabled are almost completely forgotten.

We are an international Blog and as such we don’t think such about just Scottish things this Looming crisis involves everyone worldwide and for years the people of these islands have been taxed to death!

The Government has to step in and cut oil taxes by at least 50% or a summer of discontent is assured to happen and no-one wants that.

Most of the inflationary pressures are mostly caused by these carbon based commodities prices so cutting these taxes would help everyone but Boris and Co really has no vision so it goes without saying they will have to do yet another U-turn kicking and screaming in the autumn.

£2 a litre for diesel will spell the end for this Government and probably any Government on the planet but their futures are in their own hands.

Scotland will get its independence and it will be Westminster that hands us our futures on a plate for that we thank Boris and his headless chickens for giving this victory on the Tory plate.