Poor Charlotte Pritchard has been left in the lurch again by an even poorer James Beresford EX BLM Law Partner and doing his dirty work at 32 Hoole Road Chester.

James Beresford the so called star of probate law in the English northwest has been binned by BLM or the other way around but who cares he’s gone at long last.

Perhaps he was forced to be the worst legal 500 lawyer ever, perhaps BLM had something on him where he managed to break not 1 court order but 3, yes 3 including one UNDERTAKING just incredible in this day and age.

Perhaps he was damaged goods in the upcoming merger with CLYDE & CO like we say who cares now?

The story now reverts to Charlotte Pritchard and Ass solicitor who had more than a few dirty hands working alongside Beresford that she deleted all her social media accounts to tie up any lose ends in her working relationship with Beresford.

So it looks like her or a partner at BLM decided that after the Northwest law society probate nominee and super doper probate lawyer Beresford left his post the hapless lot left at BLM decided oh no what are we going to do with all that property we lifted from 32 Hoole Road Chester put into storage then told the client you never picked it up so we destroyed it.

Yes this is what CLYDE & Co has to look forward to working with these utter clowns.

Of course if our thousands of followers are following this probate farse of a case where its obvious price fixing this property to the tune of up to £1m its no great surprise now is it?

So they are now in the frame for misrepresenting a court appointed solicitor by claiming they had the sole rights to contact poor Dr M Jones the main benefactor of the estate but then again perhaps they (blm law) is more concerned about vicarious liability, this is getting more and more bizarre by the day.