Samsung UK false advertising scam on selling Q-Symphony soundbars, yes not exactly the crime of the century but then again soundbars even crap ones are not cheap to buy items.

I was personally looking for a new soundbar to go with my QN75Q95T TV and spotted what I thought was a great deal on a Samsung HW-S60A where it states its Q-Symphony compatible but in the spec sheet its anything but so that’s £300 down the drain.

Samsung HW-S60a soundbar showing its Q-symphony compatible.






But when you try and confirm the specifications which all buyers of tech should do, surprise surprise it turns out its not compatible and stranger still is the fact Samsung UK states if we the customer does not check the spec sheets its NOT a reason to reject the goods and send them back for a refund, what on earth are they playing at here?

Samsung HW-S60a soundbar false advertising by saying it was Q-Symphony compatible when clearly its not.










Now in their own Spec sheet it clearly states it is indeed only 3 CH so why did they claim it was 5 CH on the front page of the product?

Samsung HW-S50b soundbar showing its only 3 Channel and not the 5.0 its showing on the advertising page.

Then I spotted another brand new to the market 5 channel Samsung Soundbar that also stated it was Q-Symphony compatible. Samsung HW-S50B for only £280 and to their credit it was but what they are miss-selling is the fact its not a 5 CH but only a 3 CH now you may not think that’s a big deal but it is.

I have contacted Samsung directly after I purchased the above 3 CH soundbar from John Lewis who correctly advertised it as only being a 3 CH Samsung Q-Symphony compatible soundbar for almost 3 times cheaper that Samsung at £99.

Another Samsung TV scam is where the offer 36 months free of interest on selected TV’s which they do but what they keep secret is the fact if you also take up their trade up where they give you between 50 and 200 pounds in the UK – They wont offer the PayPal 36 month 0% option this is sharp practice by not telling customers up front! 

This also applies to any other Samsung offers where monies are taken off their advertised prices.

The more channels a soundbar has the better the actual sound stage should be in theory!

At best its just a lazy media team not doing their jobs right or at worst just a bunch of scammers ripping of British customers and lets face it Soundbars can cost over 50% more than the TV purchase just to get decent sound out of the original purchase price?

Common Samsung you can do better than this sort your media team out please?