By | August 29, 2022


Dell G15 5521 special edition gaming laptop review offering some of the fastest scores ever seen with the new intel 12700H and coupled with a full on 130W RTX 3060.

Let us start by saying this has to be one of the fastest RTX 3060 laptop on planet earth in fact it even surprised us and benchmarks are topping it out on par with a average score of the 2080 super.

The build quality is the best we have seen in ages from dell and the only week spot of the entire unit is the gen 3 SSD from WD its not a bad drive in its own right but the board is gen 4 compatible so why install a cheaper drive seems to stupid to fully understand their logic here!

The good news is it’s very easy to upgrade to a gen 4 by cloning or new windows 11 install.

Ok the way to prove our results is by showing them by the actual unit in question just be prepared to be astonished by the results.

Before we begin let us just say these are CPU and GPU stock clocks no overclocking or under-volting was carried out.


One of the fastest results for the intel 12700H.

Above is one of the fastest results recorded for the 12700H on CPU-Z.


Unreal result for this 130W GTX 3060 Laptop GPU.


Above was the result on the latest performance 10.2 as you can see not many 3060’s can reach this result which shows how fast this Dell gaming unit really is also note the speed of the CPU in fact this unit has surpassed 31576 in recent testing of this unit. check the score below?

PassMark Rating

Userbench results for dell G15 5521 SE 12700H CPU image.

More good news for the G15 5521.

To prove this unit was not over-clocked above is the result on userbenchmark and once the SSD gets upgraded this laptop will fly even higher in the workstation benchmark.

12700H fASTEST Geekbench score image.

12700H fastest Geek-bench open cl score image.

Next we have an amazing Geekbench score as seen above.




12700H fastest Geekbench score image.

12700H fastest Geekbench score image.








novobench mark for dell G15 5521 SE 3060 130w image

This score was very surprising indeed and matches the average speed of a lower RTX 3090 GPU.






To prove just how fast this GPU is in this review check out the Novabench score above?

Screenshot intel 12700h cpu cinebench multicore r23 result image.

Fantastic 12700h CPU powerhouse.








Screenshot intel 12700h cpu cinebench single Score r23 result image.

Great single core score impresses even more.











Cinebench r23 really shows what this 12700h is really capable of above, such a laptop power house can keep its owner happy for years to come.

pc mark 10 benchmark 10 for dell G15 5521 SE 12700H CPU image.

pc mark 10 benchmark 10 for dell G15 5521 SE 12700H CPU.






Next we have PC Mark 10 and Time Spy results respectfully.

pc mark 10 benchmark 10 for dell G15 5521 SE 12700H CPU image.

pc mark 10 benchmark 10 for dell G15 5521 SE 12700H CPU.











The Screen on this laptop is one of the best we have ever seen its refresh of 240hz QHD and its quick response time is overkill but we are not complaining at its 430 nits brightness either.

Lastly we have the weak point of this system, it is very functional but 2.5 times slower than it needs to be, users would not notice it was slow other than high data transfer users but is relatively cheap to upgrade and keep it as a backup drive.

Very slow SSD in g15 review image.

Very slow SSD in G15 review Dell penny pinching gone to far.

Penny pinching by Dell was not one of their best choices here, if they wanted to save money then don’t built a killer gaming laptop by saving themselves £10 on a £1600 laptop.

This is what you get by replacing the drive to a gen 4 Kingston KC3000 1TB drive below.

Very fast Kinston KC3000 1TB Gen 4 SSD.

Very fast Kinston KC3000 1TB Gen 4 SSD.



By the way, this unit was in fact a £980 refurbished unit that had no wear and was in the pristine condition supplied directly by Dell outlet and paid in full without sponsorship.

After tweaking and updating to Windows 22h2 here is a good average score with zero overclocking on userbench


UPDATE ON the first of September 2022. I updated the latest bios and noticed it broke the AWCC trying to find a fix and Dell is aware and promising a fix soon.

Update 4th November AWCC critical AWCC driver – uploaded still broken and requires windows H22 update to kind of work but thermals still causing CPU to overheat reaching 100 c within 6 minutes on a stress test or high usage. Search on the web for permanent solutions before you buy going forward.