Dell UK tracking still not working 3 years on from my last large order?

Dell UK tracking still not working 3 years on from my last large order, which is just crazy?

I am as many on this side of the pond is aware these forums are mostly manned by USA staff and their tracking seems to be much better.

Why can’t Dell UK/EU get it right after all these years, people read these forums before they buy new or refurbished pc’s and this is not showing dell in a good light?

I buy a lot of tech and the last time I purchased it was exactly the same tracking rubbish as now, this must be hurting sales and is unforgivable in this day and age.

Dell is in effect asking customers to basically stay in their homes or businesses until one day it might arrive.

Although I paid by credit card I should have used paypal as paypal wont allow payments to the supplier till goods has been delivered and proper tracking has to be displayed all the time so if your reading this paypal would be my next choice even though dell may take longer the tracking will be working!

Plus I want to ask why the warranty states it expires 1 day after the order or the shipping date surely it must be from the date the goods are delivered as stated in UK consumer law?

I here by give my tracking number which is useless to others as you require order number and customer id’s as well just to speed up this personal enquiry?


Why publish tracking numbers if they simply are not actual working links, this seems stupid to lots of us.  It says it has shipped but I have no idea where its coming from therefore is it 1 day deliveries or 10 only a hevens guy knows because your customers dont and more importantly will they buy again when ALL the competitors are more customer focused in providing accurate tracking information?

If we don’t tell you anything how can you change what’s been going wrong for years now, dell products are really good but the sum of all its parts are let down by tracking failures which must be a massive concern for this business. I thought there was no way it could be as bad as the last order 3 years ago and yet the result is the same as before?

THREAD UPDATE; We were right again Dell has no clue where the units are located their own tracking links simply don’t work and the Dell cares teams tells porkies to keep you happy like on day 4 after purchase I was told in an email the goods were coming from China and would be delivered by 6th of September only to be delivered that afternoon by DHL so ordered Monday delivered to rural angus Friday 26th August.

Moral of the story the tittle of the thread was correct reporting question is why can’t Dell track their stock in this day in age?