The Scottish Government’s announcement that it will use new social security powers to introduce a new benefit to tackle child poverty has been roundly welcomed by poverty campaigners, who have branded it a “game changer” and a “lifeline” for families in poverty.

The Scottish Child Payment will be £10 weekly to low income families.

Brian Hunter, Dadscare chairman; We love this move, £10 might not seem a lot of money but its been given to some of the poorest families in the land well done to the Scottish Goverment, great idea.

John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland: “This new payment is an absolute game changer in the fight to end child poverty. £10 a week for each child will make a real difference to families struggling to put food on the table, heat their homes and pay for the ordinary school trips, sport and other activities that are fundamental to a decent childhood.  Today’s announcement is a landmark recognition of the role the Scottish social security system can play in ending child poverty. It’s now vital that the UK government follows suit and starts to use its powers in an equally positive way and scraps the universal credit two child limit and the UK benefit freeze, so that government at every level works together to protect children from poverty.”

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance: “Amid a rising tide of poverty, the new Scottish Child Payment will act as a lifeline for families struggling to stay afloat. An additional £10 per week will help unlock tens of thousands of children from poverty and underlines the important role that Scottish social security powers have to address poverty. The early introduction of the new payment in 2020/21 for families with children under six is particularly welcome, and shows what can be done when there is political will to address poverty.

“As a society that believes in justice and compassion, with a Parliament that has unanimously supported action to tackle poverty, today is an important milestone. Those who experience poverty, and the organisations that support them, have been listened to and action is being taken. Today has shown that we can use our social security powers for a purpose; loosening the grip of poverty on people’s lives.”

Naomi Eisenstadt, First Minister’s former Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality: “The best way to help children out of poverty is to get money into parents’ pockets so I am absolutely delighted that the Scottish Government is introducing the Scottish Child Payment.”

Russell Gunnson, Director of IPPR Scotland: “This is really welcome news. The Scottish Government has followed many of our recommendations on what a child poverty payment should prioritise, and listened to the strong voice of anti-poverty organisations across Scotland.”

Jim McCormick, Associate Director (Scotland), Joseph Rowntree Foundation: “Scottish Child Payment offers a golden opportunity to make progress in solving child poverty

“We have heard from people across Scotland that the introduction of this new payment will be a lifeline for families currently trapped in poverty. Today’s statement will be welcome news for hundreds of thousands of children. £10 for a child in poverty can mean being able to buy fresher food, or go on a school trip, or have enough warm clothes. Fast-tracking the introduction of this new payment is absolutely the right thing to do and is a golden opportunity to make meaningful progress in solving child poverty in Scotland.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Government as well as families to design a system that works for them, and which offers the certainty needed to enable every family in Scotland to achieve a better life.”

SallyAnn Kelly, CEO of Aberlour: “Today’s announcement by the Scottish Government on the introduction of the new Scottish Child Payment of £10 per child per week is a welcome one, and we are pleased the government have heard and listened to the many organisations, campaigners and those with experience of poverty who collectively called for this. Introducing this new payment early for families with children aged 6 and under by 2020/21 is an important step towards improving the lives of the 240,000 children in Scotland living in poverty right now. We know the single biggest thing that will help lift struggling families out of poverty is to make sure they have more money in their pockets and this new payment will provide a vital lifeline to many families, as well as help prevent against the associated toxic stress and consequential adversity we see effecting families across Scotland every day. This new payment is not a silver bullet to fix child poverty, but it is a significant start.”

Craig Samuel, Scotland representative for National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (NAWRA): “Scottish Child Payment is being introduced and I am delighted that campaigning by NAWRA and others has been recognised with thanks going to the main protagonists. I on behalf of NAWRA am delighted that the Cabinet Secretary Aileen Campbell has listened and addressed child poverty in Scotland earlier than planned given it continues to increase for so many children and families who should be enjoying their childhoods. The introduction of our Scottish Child Payment will see over 400,000 children be entitled by 2022 as planned however we asked for an earlier introduction than 2022 and this will happen for families with children aged under 6 by 2021 which hopefully will see them lifted from the grip of poverty and get to enjoy positive childhood experiences and get to enjoy education, god willing be healthy and realise their ambitions that were previously unaffordable especially if we want to create a Scotland that is equal for all and I look forward to ensuring take up is achieved as set out in our Social Security (Scotland) Bill”

Marion Davis, Head of Policy and Strategy at OPFS: “We are absolutely delighted that Scottish Government has listened to parents about the pressures they are under and is bringing forward a new Scottish Child Payment for families on a low income. We are particularly pleased that there will be no cap on the number of children entitled to support through the new Scottish Child Payment. We have worked closely with Social Security Scotland to involve parents in removing barriers to claiming the new Best Start Grant. We look forward to enabling parents help influence the application process to ensure maximum take-up of this vital new benefit. We call on the Westminster Government to add to this positive policy by removing the 2 child limit on social security for families and to end the benefit cap which traps so many children in poverty.”

A Menu for Change: “This is huge. Delighted that @scotgov has responded to calls we and others across Scotland have made for urgent action to boost family incomes. The Scottish Child Payment will put vital cash in the pockets of families struggling to put food on the table”.

Emma Congreve, Senior Economist at Joseph Rowntree: “A new Scottish Child Payment being announced right now by @scotgov. Will make a significant different to child poverty and we can’t afford not to do this. So pleased this is happening!”

Child Poverty Action Group: “We hugely welcome the announcement from @scotgov that an income supplement will be brought forward. This new payment is an absolute game changer in the fight to end child poverty #KidsCan’t Wait”

Poverty Alliance: “We’re delighted that Cab Sec @ClydesdAileen has listened to our calls to bring forward the introduction of a new income supplement. An additional £10 per week will help unlock tens of thousands of children from poverty.”

Citizen’s Advice Scotland: “The new Scottish child payment is a step in the right direction. It’s essential that families who are entitled to this benefit claim it,and everything else they are entitled to.”

Oxfam Scotland: “This is welcome news. The Scottish Child Payment will be a lifeline for families across Scotland who are being dragged into poverty. We joined 70 others in calling for an income top-up to be fast-tracked and are pleased ministers have listened. Putting cash in the pockets of struggling families will help many stay afloat and today’s announcement is very welcome news.”

One Parent Families Scotland: “This will make a real difference to the many families in Scotland who are struggling on low benefits that haven’t kept pace with inflation.”

NHS Children Young People and Families: “We welcome today’s announcement from @ScotGov on the #IncomeSupplement. This will make a difference to our families with children living on a low income. #FairerHealthier #KidsCantWait

Business in the Community Scotland: “A welcome move from @ScotGov who listened to the organisations, campaigners and those with experience of poverty in acting swiftly to bring forward the delivery of the new income supplement for those most vulnerable in Scotland living in the grip of poverty #KidsCantWait