Boris Johnstone is OFF world right now as most people think and even we are starting to beleive it!

Boris came out of St Thomos hostpital gave an interveiw as good as any other he gave in the past and no-one has seen him since?

Of course he stated he was saved by the NHS but our sources stated from the off he was on the top floor which is normally treatments as private care only.

Today we find out Boris could not even be bothered turning up for Cobra meetings one reason there was a shortage of PPE perhaps besides same old torries they dont care or perhaps that changing …….. No what was I thinking theres no chance of that happening?

Did you all notice number 10’s statement when they said after 3 days Boris was NOW responding to medical staff which means he was a lot worse than they admitted too so can they be trusted now?

This delayed PPE is an utter shambles how can they say on the Friday we are getting 43 tons of the stuff the next few days and then the next saying its been delayed, how does that even make sense, they cant even get 1 ton of it strikes us as bizzare, what does our readers think?

Were they outbided at the last hour by a poorer nation and leaderless UK failed the people bet its closer than you think?

We are hearing from our contacts hospitals a virtually empty of patients so where are they and who is looking after them in the community perhaps some are off world with Boris, who really knows these days but strange anyway and yes people knows this is now a fact?

BORIS WHERE THE HELL IS BORIS? Good question anyone have any ideas?

CHURCHILL would never be missing if this happened to him but then again Boris will never be him no matter what!