Scottish Grand Lodges 1451 website to reopen after their host they were using deleted the domain by mistake.

One of Scotland’s fastest growing lodges was without their lodge website when their old domain register was taking over by another register and deleted their domain name.

The Scottish lodge had to wait until it came back on the open market and re-rent for another three years.

Sons of the Soil 1451 currently based within Aberdeen Masonic Hall or recently renamed Aberdeen Freemasons Hall averages 12-15 candidates for the last 3 years and never went below 6 new members for last several years they are blessed by many young members from 21 and up-to around 76 years of active membership.

1451 also has one of the largest blue lodge Facebook pages in the world currently 5400 all masonic members.

Link to Facebook page here

Link to one of the countries fastest growing lodges and information how to join the Scottish craft in general use this link in the first instance

If you live in the North east of Scotland you can contact 1451 current secretary who will only be to happy to point you in the right direction to see the light?