Donald Trump The Tax Dodger.

Donald Trump the Tax Dodger!

I told you the art of the deal was him hoodwinking all you Trump loving fools that this guy was no great success hes a con artist.

Donald Trump the Tax Dodger the story so far!

So 2006-2015 he paid zero fedral tax in 2016 he paid $750 I told you all he was just a chump!
Lets all laugh at Trumpy, lets all laugh at trumpy aha ha aha ha lets all laugh at numpty trumpy-humpty dumbty aha aha ha!
We know he is making profits off his office, we know hes a scumbag and he does not care less about any jo-public American .
Its all about little old him, hes no smart guy or even the best business guy in the land hes a failure and tax dodger.
His base wont care because they are so dumb they should all change their names to Gump!
Well done NY Times ofcourse his base will say Fakenews but then he could release his tax docs and prove it but will he?
We told you about junior Miss world and the $2.3m but the yanks claimed it was fakenews, $430 m in loans ouch!
Thats the reason he opened America for business early not to safe American lives but his business losses were such he had to save his money rather than help the American people is shameful, he should resign and now you all know why he has to cling to power and I bet goes to stay in Russia when he gets kicked out off office!
You lot follow such a failure you should all be ashamed but you wont because it does not matter its all about us versus them and for that the world laughs at how dumb you have all become!