By | January 10, 2021

Mr Neil Ernest Webb of Gaurdian Tax Solutions Alberta Canada image


Calling on the directors of Guardian Tax Counsultants in Canada you employ people like Mr Neil Ernest Webb TO BE THE FACE OF YOUR COMPANY look what he wrote to me on a personal message regarding what I can only assume to be about the terrible scenes at Capital Hill last week.

It must be great your customers can count on such a wonerful person, NOT!
I don’t know him other than we are both in the craft I guess, well I am, not sure about this gentlemans status or his mental health at this time but thought you should know in case he does something even more extreame and may damage your busiunes going forward!
Neil Ernest Webb, CEO
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Lives in Calgary, Alberta
CEO, Guardian Tax Solutions Inc. and North West Tax Consulting Inc. and Guardian Benefits Solutions Inc
This was private messaged to my facebook account without prior remarks, out of the blue;
17 February 2019
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Yesterday at 23:08
Neil sent Yesterday at 23:08
You disgusting commie freak! Shut your fucking mouth, and mind your own business!!!!!!