James Beresford his sidekick Charlotte Pritchard of BLM Law wealth management team cant even do a basic BPR Business Property Relief HMRC application.

Yes, yet more proof the greatest wealth managers in James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard are unable or unwilling to do their professional jobs correctly in a Chester estate that was worth over £1m before they took control in early 2020.

We now find out today that even though they were presented with an official chartered accounts report that the estate of the late Mrs Mavis Bank that owned and run a huge guest house in Chester, England the super doper Wealth management team at BLM law simply totally failed to do their jobs correctly.

Of course we knew this already as James Beresford a legal 500 and senior North West England STEP member as is Charlotte Prichard who are both under investigations for their actions or lack thereof in the left of £49000 from the son of Mavis Banks private Nationwide Bank accounts by claiming it was to be used for paying HMRC death taxes when in reality it was a business all along.

Beresford is meant to be a top probate expert and BLM directors all allowed this to go on of course it was all in aid to protect the original executer Bartlett of Chester who also claimed no HMRC BPR existed all designed to scam the estate of course they normally only deal with little old ladies that is easy to bully and intimidate,

BLM law’s Charlotte Pritchard last weekend deleted her twiter account because of her close links to Beresford was obviously a bad career move, she knew what she was doing instructing SDL property in undervaluing the estate selling price by £250,000 and its all coming back to haunt them now as she was one of five legal eagle sleeping agents.

We also now have it confirmed the reason why BLM Compliance made James Beresford a client of the firm because they know they can’t give the family of this estate a copy of the HMRC tax details before getting letters of administration because if they did it would show they NEVER applied BPR and have damaged the estate by over £200,000 just to protect another solicitors firms in this case and subject to access requests further proves this points.

The moral of this is story thus far as is follows no matter how good one or a team says they are they simply can’t be trusted to act on the square and part on the level its that simple.

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