32 HOOLE ROAD CHESTER will always be known for the greatest pricing fixing Scandal that broke the back of Dementia fraud in England no matter what any court says because we now know how it was all planned by design from 2015!

Bartlett’s of Chester always wanted to control the assets of this estate since 2015 after the late Mavis Banks was held in a nursing home against her will till her untimely death and even had the disgraced Dr Bland the podophile telling lies in the inquest yes it has it all!

Everyone reading this horror story will have by now know PB of Bartlett’s had no choice but to stand down because he was useless as the first executer but still after 4 years managed to get 80k in court costs which is mind boggling it would never happen in Scotland.

He stated many things to the day in one form or anther BLM partners manage to repeat as his facts such as the £100,000 care bills that’s legally bogus both never even contacted Chester council for the actual  bill and if they did lied about it all.

They both claim the funeral bill is yet to be paid, total lies we have both the bank book and the receipt from where in her old accounts it was paid for?

Both Executers have totally failed to find her complete stock market share holdings which is basic for know how for any self respecting executer.

But these problems are nothing compared the the pricing fixing that both executers cant run away from.

Bartlett’s from 2015 always wanted to sell 32 Hoole Road for 450k but it was up for sale prior to this for over 600k after Mrs Banks smelt a rat and pulled the plug.

Eventually there was a Liverpool court case in December 2019 where all parties agreed to a formal legal deal that 32 Hoole road could not be sold for less than 750k and the North west law society was to pick the new court approved executer and poor James Beresford of BLM was dually picked,

He took up office around Feb 2020 and right off the bat it seemed he was only interested in keeping PB safe IN REPEATING ALL THE OBVIOUS PB ACCOUNTING ERRORS.

During this time in mid summer poor James realised he was in a whole lot of legal trouble and decided to give a statement of truth to the Liverpool court and bail out but Bartlett would not let him yes that’s right even though he was removed he was still directing BLM Law into doing anything he wanted he even managed to convince poor James not to except 2 bids by multi millionaires that wanted to buy the property for over £1M.

BLM Law states in a legal bundle for this Monday’s court that they contacted one or both by email only and their evidence is a made up bit of paper with a BLM HEADED paper NOT the actual email what a bunch of hopeless amateurs because they they should be aware that they need to produce in evidence the sent email from their server to the recipient server AND WE KNOW IT NEVER HAPPENED as do they have BLM Law have no shame?

Then it just got worse they asked for a valuation from a Preston surveyors office 65 miles away from his base which has left the Chester estates agents with horror, in fact after contacting this firm last Friday they were saying sorry guv we simply don’t cover that area its to far away from Preston and have no local Knowledge of its property Market.

So it appears that the said Surveyor A.L yes in BLMS legal bundle they have left out his name and signature and who ordered the instruction other than BLM law and stated the true Valuation of ONLY £345,000 even though Town and County Chester gave a written statement for at least £800,000.

So it was always about protecting Bartlett nothing else mattered or worse a cheap property deal for them or their friends and the price fixing was set in stone.

There biggest problem is am an ex Aberdeen property developer I have bought and sold more properties than AL has delivered BLM refused to tell the court the truth and by leaving out his details they cant use that evidence but perhaps that was the point all along in-case of an appeal being lodged who really knows their motives  but we do know one thing for sure.

BLM Law never even questioned this 120% lower valuation that took place at the beginning of November 2020 its their job to maximise the value of the probate estate and totally failed in their duty of care.

Dr Jones has reported this to RICS and the Police as RICS rightly advised it was now a criminal matter as it was obvious no law firm can use a RICS document that was not signed by the surveyor and then present it as official legal evidence yet here we are in a bizarre situation that a top legal 500 Lawyer actually used it in a legal bundle is quite frankly shocking! 

But it gets worse because a professional RICS registered surveyor has gave a 345k valuation any other valuation by any other surveyor cant go above 10% that figure for comparison legality that they should know that, now if that’s not true the burden of proof is on BLM to prove otherwise but they wont because if they do James Beresford is gone, as is Bartlett and so is BLM Compliance as James is their client they must have been fully informed what was in his legal bundle?

But if you know about property then there’s even more demanding questions from this valuation?

1/ why did they use a surveyors firm 65 miles away BLM is in Manchester between there and Chester there’s hundreds of other Surveyors they could have used with much better local property knowledge.

2/ Why did the surveyor leave this Preston firm right after doing this valuation, did they have something on him or was he offered something better?

3’/ Why did BLM law not get a revaluation done 7 months after this and before it went to SDL auctions in June 2021? Perhaps they knew AL was not available anymore and any Surveyor worth his salt would have correctly valued it at £800,000 plus but of course that would not help the price fixing plan or the totally made up accounts used for the letter of administration which Beresford stated had a total value of just 525,000 we will get to that figure soon!

4/ Why did SDL Auctions refuse to sell this estate at 450k as ordered by BLM Law, instead they opened the bidding at 500k and after that BLM law refused to tell SDL anything about their capacity to sell at such a low price of 500k

5/ Why did all the other agencies selling this property have a guide price of 525,000 screen captures to follow?

6/Why did Beresford use Town and County as the example of going to open auction but refused to allow the highest bidder of 750k but in the end use SDL but they wanted to start marketing at 570k but Beresford and BLM Law demanded 450k. That alone should remove him as executer in a heart beat but will it?

7/ Why did Beresford and Pritchard tell SDL to ignore all the court problems and carry on to damage the estate and then failed to include this vital evidence to the court 1 full week before the legal bundle was released that’s a court sanction coming their way or it would be in a Scottish court.

8/Why did SDL Auctions remove it from auction it was not BLM laws idea so why did they feel the need to pull the plug, we know they knew it was price fixing and they were getting no answers from BLM anyone.

9/ On SDL Auctions they had a 500k bidder from 5 live auctions that was extended week after week, why did BLM Law not include this fact in their legal bundle and which solicitor firm was it that bid 52 mins before the end of the first live auction?

10/ Why did Beresford refuse to do the BPR he says he cant YET Dr jones provided a chartered accountants report that had so many proofs that it did qualify for business tax relief he failed to list it in the legal bundle including evidence that Mrs Banks paid business rates to the council but of course the reason is quite simple if they applied BPR then Beresford would have to explain why he asked the nationwide to remove 50K FROM Dr Jones private Bank account in the Nationwide without letters of administration or a court order? Yet another example of BLM law doing what’s best for them and NOT the estate

11/ When Beresford went for his letters of Administration spring 2012 why did he tell the court it was for 525k when he then told HMRC at the same time it was only 500k those 2 figures don’t add up?

12/BLM claimed in a April the first hearing at the rolls building in London in front of Master Peston ( a top fraud expert) that Beresford had informed MA (An senior police detective who oversees the crimes against the elderly that has links to where the Dodgy Surveyor now works out of) MA stated allegedly ( no written proof) that MA and family was happy he continue as executer but there’s is no evidence they told MA his 180k share was only if the property sold for at least 750k  so ordered in the Liverpool Dec 2019 order. Did BLM LAW tell the other side if it only sold for 450k they would get nothing at all?

13/ Is that the reason 2 weeks they were secretly getting another estates agent to resell at 800k even though the only valuation they had was for 345k or the only report they had that they gave to the court late last week that’s very strong evidence of LEGAL FRAUD TAKING PLACE with NO LEGAL DEFENCE!!!

14/ This is a very curious question but one a court will have to fully examine none the less, if Beresford had excepted the 345k valuation as read nothing wrong why did he think it was OK to ask 450k starting price at SDL AUCTIONS where did BLM Law get the idea the property was suddenly worth 105k more unless they had a cooperate buyer ready to purchase as they know joe blogs in the street could never ever get a valuation more than 10% more than the Preston surveyor gave proves BLM operatives are either incompetent or fraudulent in their practices?

15/ Why did Beresford, BLM and Pritchard ask local estate agents for this estate where the average was given as around £700,000 yet picked SDL Auctions who quoted 570k AND NEVER THOUGHT, NOT ONCE TO GET A SECOND OPINION ON THE November 2020 valuation – its simple they would then have committed legal fraud with the Letters of administration the HMRC and really upset the king maker Bartlett’s but as they say the genie is out of the bag now!

16/ So their actions in not asking for a second opinion will destroy the Preston surveyors firms reputation as they will share the blame in this price fixing scandal once RICS gets their teeth into this as it reflects badly on them just as much and the ones behind it all is employed by the countries so-called probate and wealth managers is that really the case here or was it all just a cellulated risk NO-ONE will ever find out seems a stretch for even us International Scotland Scammers website finds every sordid details and have done for over 15 years.

I think the Preston Surveyors firm should start legal proceedings if of course they had nothing to do with this PRICE FIXING scandal but you really have to question why BLM Law instructed this tiny one director lead firm in the first place in fact we now know for a fact this firm was not even aware their AL had even went to Chester in the first place, how strange is that fact??

There’s many questions all of which its up to BLM LAW to fully answer to including only wanting to sell this estate for Bartlett’s original £450, 000 all to save his credibility at the expense of the reputation of one of the UK’s largest probate estate legal firms. Their cooperate clients must be really worried as this site had 477,000 hits yesterday.

Perhaps its a mega business model to rob the elderly and help dementia fraud and who would dare to say anything or even find out well for internet providers thinking of pulling this posting all this has been released by SUBJECT TO ACCESS REQUESTS and DOCUMENT LEEKS from insiders that’s sick to death of it all and its up to the judges to ask these questions if this is all news to them?


Of course Bartlett’s owns 31 Hoole Road then he bought the other solicitors that held the probate for 32 Hoole Road (Matthews Lewis, Hoole, Chester) and now we find out he’s doing the same trick to 33 Hoole Road Chester there is going to be one massive property about to go to planning sometime soon if this all pans out and a lot of lawyers are going to be loaded with dosh! Yet we are to believe BLM Law knows nothing gov? Well they do now so what are they going to do not another gagging order they tried just 2 weeks ago they must have known the legal bundle was going to be a living nightmare for them and NOW it is!

Of course there’s a lot of the above solicitors firms all getting new company names set up since this turned into egg, companies house is awash same directors though, yes we know about that as well?