Have you been affected by any property undervaluing by CPB surveyors of Preston in the past if you have had any concerns as there seems to be on the website we would love to hear from you?

This enquiry follows on from one of their past employees submitting in their words a accurate commercial valuation on a property in Chester when Preston based only and 130 mile round-trip away on a property valued a year earlier at between £1.1-to 1.3m and last Oct/Nov valued it for BLM Law at just £345,000 only a third less of course the greatest wealth manager in the UK never even spotted it and we only saw it for the first time last week as it was with-held from the estates beneficiaries and only released in a 165 page legal bundle shows how bad this casefile is becoming for BLM Law.

If you have a likeminded story and there seems to be at least a few at the same time period please get in touch this SCAMMERS CENTRAL WEBSITE PORTAL AT;

We spoke to them directly last week they told us verbally a response would be given within 1 day and now 7 days later not a peep out of them, we are making personal complaint public for and including having a genuine public interest story!

Its up to the company to rectify this obvious mistake as it was their worker that damage this estates footprint its up to them to respond in a very professional manner, we do wonder though if they have referred this matter back to RICS themselves in the last week?

Charles Parker Bennet claims this ON their website;

We are an established independent practice with our origins dating back to 1874. Our experienced and professional staff are helpful and friendly with the knowledge and expertise to carefully listen to your needs and provide you with the most suitable solution. All our surveyors are RICS Chartered Surveyors who are also accredited to the Valuation Registration Scheme.



  • As Chartered Surveyors we are regulated by our governing body and are subject to strict guidelines and Codes of Practice.
  • We are regulated by the RICS to ensure our finances are soundly managed and funds held, on behalf of clients, are secure.
  • Our Chartered Surveyors are certified under the RICS Valuers Registration Scheme to ensure accuracy of valuation.
  • Our surveyors, and reports they produce, are subjected to regular audits to ensure that strict standards required by many lending institutions and other bodies are satisfied.
  • We operate an RICS approved customer care and complaints procedure.
  • Our surveyors are committed to an ongoing CPD training programme to constantly refresh their knowledge in an ever changing market place.


Dear Susan, I am an international renowned investigative blogger and my website receives over 4 million pageviews per month, I would like you to answer a few questions that I am investigating about the property at 32 Hoole Road Chester that your Mr Lovett somehow managed to travel 130 mile roundtrip of which at first your company states could never have happened in the first place as it was outside your remit or area of expertise.
What information do you wish to share with me that we will get anyway over time or eventually its much better to be open an honest so we can report the story in an as accurate manner as possible?
1/ Was he allowed to carry out this instruction from James Beresford on the 23rd of October 2020 ref number AL/200509 IF SO what expertise did he have of the local area?
2/Who let him into the property at the time?
3/ Its our understanding this work came to him by way of Mr John Bartlett can you confirm this is true for our millions of readers if not how many other occasions have you worked or been perilously been instructed for James Beresford?
Can you provide the full version of this report with who requested it and Allan’s signature ads its been entered into official court documents with these details surgically removed to hide a crime we suspect of price fixing?
Has it seems your employee left right after
producing this bogus and fraudulent valuation 3 times less than is correct this ex employee has put your company at great risk you owe him nothing unless your company was fully aware of his actions and you fully condone them we need to know where you stand for the sake of transparency?
4/ Will you now report this matter yourselves to RICS and for the sake of local transparency and to give past and future clients the confidence always do the right things to safeguard their interests
Dr Mark Jones the only surviving bloodline to the estate called your office in Preston last week and was told he would have a Bennett response by the next day 4 business days later nothing?
5/ Can your company explain why in companies house Susan Bennett is listed as the only Director of the company yet none of the staff answering the phones in a only 2 employee company has no knowledge that she exists can you please try and explain that fact?
6/ You list 3 call centres but only 2 official employees yet when you call these three numbers they all get transferred to the same person why is that?
7/ Please explain your cooperate link with another Surveyors company listed on your website
8/ Why do you link to them but they don’t link to you but their offices all do, can you try and explain that as the internet is full of useful information if you know how to dig for it?
8/ Alleged very bad client reviews online seems to suggest past price fixing issues with low valuations in the past and at the precise time Mr Lovett worked for your firm, How many complaints did you receive regarding this employee and how many were self reported to RICs if any, if not why not Susan?
We hope to hear a response within 48 hours or we will print these questions in full as they are in the public interest, we are sorry if this is all news to you but its not our fault your staff are seemingly incompetent and we have deadlines as well?
We have been told by various RICS members this is legal fraud and the Estate in question has damaged its FOOTPRINT as it should be well over £1m in valuation ,what does your company propose to do to rectify this perceived loss in the short term are you happy to conference call with Dr Jones as a urgent matter of ADR and if not why not?
We can only ask you the questions as it seems our investigations has lead us to this point thus far there maybe perfectly good answers to give to the above but only you have that power to be fully transparent and honest which is always the best policy we hope you agree with?
We look forward to hearing your many very detailed responses.
Kind regards,
International Scotland Scammers News Desk Staff.

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