Bartlett’s of Chester, James Beresford and Charlotte Prichard of BLM Law in massive trouble now that 28 Hoole Road Chester is now under offer at offers over £740,000.

James Beresford got a world record undervaluation completed at 32 Hoole Road Chester for just £345,000 and that’s twice the size of 28 Hoole road has taken almost 2 years to get it to market.


Why not we hear you all ask which he now claims was fraudulent, REALLY?

BUT he USED it in his legal bundle after he doctored it to remove the SURVEYOR then when caught gave another document with the SURVEYORS name on it but doctored who was the instructor of the surveyors report which in the same bundle admits to the court it was him after all!!!

No-one that’s in the Legal 500 and a senior member of STEP can be this STUPID or can they be?

STEP is doing a 30 year celebration event this Thursday if the keep senior members like James and Charlotte on their lists the chances of another 30 years seems doomed to utter failure.

Now if you like reading our lovely stories on these 2 hapless law firms you will have noticed that Savills managed to sell a property 2 doors away from the house they have all tried like hell to price fix since 2015 by the now executers Bartlett’s and 2019 James Beresford the top probate boy in the land, no chance!

That property sold for over 740k that’s only half its size and both law firms are trying to tell a court in Liverpool its not worth more than £450,000 but SDL Auctions refused point blank to sell it so low and put a guide price of £570,000 to start with but James and Charlotte wanted only 450-500k so price fixing in action and SDL pulled the plug on the auction when they found out James had lied to them there was a December 19 court order that James and Charlotte broke of a min sell of £750,000.

He has now broken a court UNDERTAKEN by not allowing or giving instructions to a much more reliable and respected Chester Estate agents that will sell 32 at over 800k which is an absolute bargain for the right buyers.

Please note James and Charlotte’s idea of perfect wealth and probate management is to get a very low valuation in this case 345k say nothing and refuse to get new valuations every 3 months as values only lasts 3 months in England but in case your wondering why not one of the main reasons being the CPB surveyor (Preston yes 65 miles away-very strange) left his job right after giving BLM Law the undervaluation report, we kid you not so there was no way he could use that dodgy surveyor again and could not risk getting a much more higher valuation???

Beresford got two written offers for £1m each last year but Bartlett’s told James not to except the offers and Beresford totally complied and yes its all been revealed by freedom of information requests that BLM GAVE and are now claiming we can whistle for any more requests being honoured which kind of explains it all.

It now turns out Bartlett’s of Chester created 100k care bills out of the air just to control the estate, very clever but that’s legal fraud so off to jail he will go and his firm got fined 300k by the law society in 2013 so has a track record.

How many other bereaved families have been ripped off in what looks like blatant dementia fraud these s0-called legal professionals have no shame and should all be removed from this probate claim.