By | September 22, 2021


Boris is an utter failure of a Prime Minister and his Tory party is not much better, their Tory base is crumbling and the new red wall is falling down already.

Utility bills going through the roof, companies failing that was meant to be there to encourage competition now lies in state!

Universal credit cuts that will hurt the poor the most, same old Tories, attack the poor, low paid, disabled and whatever we do don’t touch the rich!

Increases in national insurance again attacks the poor, sick and the disabled but does born with a silver spoon Boris care, not one jot!

Now he goes to America and comes back with nothing its a case of we told you so.

COP 24 will also be an utter Boris failure, they are clueless.

Covid-19 winter chaos is an absolutely given and if any readers say its not true you must be requiring your heads examined, it will happen as Boris and company are clueless halfwits!

Boris cant even protect his own rich supporters from probate fraud that’s off the scale in England and powerless to control corrupt courts and lawyers in any given process.

A winter of discontent like never before but please don’t demonstrate while you have been looking the other way they changed the law so they can throw away the key, you have been warned!