New Probate Scam website launched to help millions worldwide how to spot if they are or could be a victim of white collar crime.

Lots of families of deceased family members are increasingly reporting that their family estates are getting wiped out by over charging lawyers.

Everyone knows at international Scotland its a case of scammers beware, we have been named at the royal courts of justice for being excellent ambassadors for all the little people getting ripped off.

Therefore the team here has joined forces with Dr Mark Jones who has been battling to get probate justice after his mum died under very dubious circumstances in 2015 in Hoole Road, Chester.

But have no fear unless your a probate scammer as we are going to name and shame you all and bring your nasty profiteering from the ultimate in taking advantage in family grief to an end.

If you have been duped, defrauded or your just not sure is the perfect educational and probate informational website portal built just for you.

We will post your story and link your professional lawyer so others can be forewarned as well.

Good and honest lawyers has nothing to fear, in fact we are happy to promote you if you are in fact not a probate scammer.