Very Dodgy RMA Return Processes by a BOX customer on Trustpilot UK regarding

Brilliant online prices coupled with free delivery, but if you get unlucky with a DOA device and have to return it, you could be in a spot of bother with Box.

It turns out BOX is connected with CCL ONLINE.

I purchased £687 of goods in good faith which included 1xAsus B650-plus Motherboard which arrived unsealed and missing SATA Cables, however, it worked fine on the first boot and further boots but when I tried to flash bios it would not even start the bios updating process.
I installed system Sandra to confirm my thoughts that this was in fact not a retail device but rather an OEM vendor product.
It turned out the internal serial number within the motherboard was showing a completely different serial on the box it had arrived in.
Jack from their returns was very nice as was Nicholas, and they stated it was not an OEM, or they had no idea how it happened and issued the RMA device was picked up by DPD on the 16th of June it was signed in to BOX the following Monday 19th @ 8 am it then took 4 further days to the Thursday for them to say they were starting the RMA process.
Three further working days, they claimed the AM5 pins were returned damaged.
I asked for proof but sent my own photos of the board being returned with the RMA in the background, so they were lying and making it all up as they went along.
They then admitted my photos showed no damage at all and offered me a credit note but no refund option, when I pointed out consumer law they capitulated.
At no time, even after repeated requests for information that I was supplied an OEM device, they have point-blank refused to answer that basic question.
So they are terrified to admit they have some OEM parts in stock that are being sold as retail items.
The credit note idea still appealed to me however to both save me time and help the retailer, only to find out 1 hour later that they had updated the RMA returns to the fact the RMA was classed as DAMAGED IN TRANSIT it could have been many things but the way it was packed by myself could have withstood a direct nuclear strike!
I reported the matter to PayPal and Box offered a refund yesterday.
As a freelance consumer blogger, I have a duty of care to report these actions, perhaps it was just a one-off bad luck affair most box purchases have gone really well no other complaints, but I find if I never took photos myself it would have been a totally different result in the end.
The moral of this negative review, take pictures of your RMA with the RMA number in each photo, To Box please change your RMA processes how can it take 3 working days after you open any delivery and then say oh you damaged the goods yourself when even your own photos show nothing of the sort?
Why was the actual RMA not reported on the fact the device could not be bios flashed, hence it was mis-sold as a retail device?

Date of experience: 30 June 2023