Just when you thought it could not get any worse for the super doper wealth managers at BLM Law north west England they release a 165 page legal bundle that sends them all to jail if there was any justice in this country.

You will have noted we are not naming names as this will become a criminal investigation.

We will however spell out how this legal fraud has come about, so here goes.

Regular readers will have no trouble following this latest story soon to become a blockbuster film and we have to thank BLM Law for filling in the missing parts of this jigsaw.

So BLM wanted to protect the interests of the first removed Chester solicitor who bought another firm just to control a probate estate worth an estimated £1.1m now in Dec 2019 the probate court made an order that the said property could not be sold for less that 750k.

Then the Wealth managers at BLM was awarded the new executer role by the head of the north west law society by his private hotmail account we kid you not!

Then something so weird happened and 2 years later only found out today the truth and nothing but it was all fixed.

BLM Law according to their legal bundle instructed a surveyor in a well respected Preston based surveyor’s firm that was an in creditable 65 miles away where there’s over 500 other firms in between ( is the penny dropping yet) the firm they picked to do this normally only works the Preston locality.

This RICS registered so-called professional then claims in his report some 10 days later that a 12 large room 10 bathrooms ex guest house has the same value as the then average Hoole road zoopla valuation of a typical 4 bed house at 345k and signed it off without mentioning the very visible outside old subsidence all very professional then this story really takes a turn for the worse.

International Scotland reached out to this what appears to be completely innocent firm and asks the obvious question, who is AL in the report that BLM law does not state who was the recipient in BLM or unbelievably the signature of the actual surveyor doing the made-up fake valuation report?

So we find out who this AL actually is by our other local sources some days after this report AL leaves this firm and now we find out he’s employed with the local cop shop that just happens to be linked to a direct detective in the probate estate who gains by this estate to the value of 180k you cant make this stuff up and the greatest solicitors in the land or that’s what BLM states on their website including use our wealth managers we are so professional we look after you and £745,000 lost estate none of them smells a rat which beggars genuine belief anymore.

We don’t want to speculate how he jumped from one job to another but any valuation signed off at at least 450k under valuation is a very serious criminal matter that if BLM is watching should result in them reporting this alleged wrong-doing but will they as at the end of the day they are still officers of the court in an professional capacity.

We now must consider this was the reason the estate agents pulled the plug on the entire live listing after they refused point blank to follow the vendors instructions by selling this property at 450k also deserves an criminal investigation for possible price fixing crimes, will any of them report any of these matters to their own regulation bodies we think probably not!

Of course this is nothing we are only telling everyone the story so far from only one page of the 165 pages released, BLM Law should hang their heads in shame or we could say that must have been the reason they made the executer the client of their own legal firm either way what are they playing at.

We are only reporting what BLM has sent in an official court bundle and this story goes to the heart of the much misunderstood dementia fraud of the elderly and for that reason is a public interest story!