SDL Property Auctions buyers and sellers beware or they should be given the example of the sale at 32 HOOLE ROAD, HOOLE, CHESTER, CH2 3NJ.

We have been asking them for a press statement for nearly 2 weeks regarding the above property auction sent to Rashid and Lucy at SDL with nothing to show for it just shows the very bad trust pilot reviews are not lying.

Now this story is one of Alleged Murder,  Alleged Theft, Possible Probate Price Fixing,  Contract Law, Alleged Crimes against the elderly and infirm even a convicted Paedophile in Dr Bland who told a lie at Mrs Banks inquest plus the Detective in charge of elderly crimes in Chester being a material gainer of the sale everything that’s part of the movie WHO CARES, its all there!

Now the chances of this happening in Scotland is at best a stretch but in England it seems common place.

Lets start off with the executor Mr James Beresford of BLM of MANCHESTER he is the vendor that was appointed to this estate after the first self appointed Executor had to drop out BARTLETTS of CHESTER and the the North West of England the very same that once got caught doing much the same and received a massive £300,000 fine its easy to see where this case is going.

Now before they were forced to step down they claimed there was £100,000 of care bills of the late Mavis Banks (died 2015) only for the real figure to be under £1000 and even that is now open to debate and further legal arguments but is still legal fraud.

Beresford is so incompetent he claimed in court documents that Mrs Banks funeral expenses were still to be paid out when we have the receipt from the funeral directors it was paid in full in 2015, dearie me!

Poor James Beresford of BLM Probate expert does not practice what he preaches like so many legal eagles in England. He wanted to also bail out but his firm said no and then became a client of the firm I kid you not,

Now International Scotland will put links below to educate you how the top probate experts in the land can and will turn you over wherever they can.

Roll on 4 weeks ago Dr Jones the sole surviving family member yet again asked in the London Rolls building to have JB removed from the case the then master Peston transferred the case back to Liverpool probate court so it was an active case and is called Revocation of Letters of Administration now its true SDL has been made fully aware of this facts yet they continue to sell the property and fails to tell the potential buyers the full extent of the legal disputes.

Turning to SDL they put the said property up for £525,000 then a few days before the said Auction end date they reduced it to £500000 without notice despite the Liverpool probate court agreeing the minimum selling price would be no less than £750,000 now SDL was fully made aware of this and carried on regardless.


Surprise, surprise they got a live bid 50 minutes from the close of a 15 day auction which in its self a crazy timescale that’s too short a time especially on a bank holiday weekend (we smell a rat).

Now what follows is for a Scotsman amazing after taking a 500k bid they did something that was not in their legal pack they automatically extended the auction for another 7 days now as an ex property developer if an auction house pulled that dirty trick over me I would running for the hills yet it seems crazy the buyer wants to wait or its possible price fixing in action either way its very strange auction practices to us which we have asked SDL to explain directly?


Who in their right minds would bid for a property with a closing date set just to get roped into the never-ending sale waiting for the right price is downright scary for the buyer/s this surely shows its all planned and part of price fixing?


Now they know a new caveat and an XR1 has been placed on this auction plus poor James Beresford that knew he was going to be removed placed the property up for sale could in theory go to prison and sells it to protect Bartletts ORGINAL valuation of 450k shows even the top probate firms has a hard job to be trusted.

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UPDATE 10-06-2021

SDL extends the live auction for a second time for this never-ending auction in Chester.

We ask again who in their right mind would bid in this auction unless it really is price fixing in its extreme and the only bidder has to be a cooperate bidder as no individual buyer would commit to the never-end bid process knowing their bid might last 6 months after the end date and told ah we changed our minds on the reserve price of £750,000 you are the winning 500k bidder please complete the sale is for the birds and the regulator has to now step in and stop this utterly crazy situation.

BLM is trying to say to the courts the value is less than the court order of £750,000 by the Tomlin order of Dec 2019 but other local estate agents has viewed the said property recently and valued it at over £800,000 and a revocation order has been sought to remove the vendor Beresford and SDL are fully aware so you really have to ask why they want to put potential buyers at severe financial loss if the order to remove comes to fruition, it means the sale cant be completed!

Its utter madness and yet SDL Auctions still won’t release a PR to us says it all really we are telling buyers and sellers to be very very aware.

Proof below just how crazy this sale is becoming. check out the last bidders date of bid and note it was made 50 minutes before the first end date and SDL’s terms and conditions makes no reference to extensions of live bids?

Got a SDL or BLM horror story you wish to share 

Well roll on one week and its been extended buy not 1 but 2 weeks who wants to buy a property with these clowns?

Its obvious there is no real bidder its a scam and if there is they must be thick or something, who would keep a 500,000 bid on the table not knowing when a live auction will ever end shows its all corrupt.


Moreover its false advertising, now the word is the Legal Ombudsman is investigating one or more of the parties can this case get any worse, BLM is meant to be the best probate firm in England.

Wow the legal system in England is in utter chaos, does anyone know what they are doing, can they damage this case any further, probably they will!